[Dovecot] Shared Folders via Symlinking

Adrian Mardlin adrian at verygoodemail.com
Tue Dec 21 13:26:09 EET 2010

Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up shared folders via symlinking and have come across a problem. I created a folder for one user, then symlinked it to another. I figured that one thing that is likely to happen at some point is that user 2 is going to decide they don't want to look at that folder any more, and will delete it, so I tried this. Much to my relief, it didn't delete the actual mails, just the symlink. However, it did alter the dovecot.index.cache file to indicate that the folder had been removed, and subsequent attempts to select this folder via the primary user resulted in an error, "NO Mailbox was deleted under us". I had to delete dovecot.index.cache to get it working again.

Sorry - can't bring myself to call folders mailboxes... ;-)

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