[Dovecot] namespace and list=children inconsistencies

Willie Gillespie wgillespie+dovecot at es2eng.com
Fri Dec 17 02:35:55 EET 2010

Holger Mauermann wrote:
> Am 16.12.2010 01:38, schrieb Holger Mauermann:
>> With LIST "Shared/" the other users INBOX is missing, so with namespace
>> capable clients like Thunderbird it is impossible to see or subscribe
>> this folder.
> After restarting Thunderbird now I can see and subscribe the other users
> INBOX. However, I still think that a "LIST Shared/ *" should include
> *all* sub mailboxes. Or am I wrong?

Eh, hard to say.

 From RFC 3501:
     ... A non-empty
     reference name argument is the name of a mailbox or a level of
     mailbox hierarchy, and indicates the context in which the mailbox
     name is interpreted.

But, later on it says:
     Note: The interpretation of the reference argument is
     A client SHOULD NOT use such a reference argument except
     at the explicit request of the user.

So, email clients are supposed to do
   LIST "" "Shared/*"
instead of
   LIST "Shared/" *

As far as I can tell, the first one does work on Dovecot.  I can get the 
second form to work as long as it's an actual mailbox name.  e.g.,
   LIST Shared/someuser/ *
works just fine as well -- at least with my set up.

So, short answer: yes and no.  Dovecot could return all shared 
mailboxes, but it is not required to do so.

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