[Dovecot] namespace and list=children inconsistencies

Holger Mauermann holger at mauermann.org
Fri Dec 17 01:30:27 EET 2010

Am 16.12.2010 01:38, schrieb Holger Mauermann:
> With LIST "Shared/" the other users INBOX is missing, so with namespace
> capable clients like Thunderbird it is impossible to see or subscribe
> this folder.

After restarting Thunderbird now I can see and subscribe the other users
INBOX. However, I still think that a "LIST Shared/ *" should include
*all* sub mailboxes. Or am I wrong?

> The "Public/" namespace has some subfolders, but only for other
> acl_groups and I don't have rights to access any of them. So the LIST
> "Public/" looks good. However, with LIST "" * it is shown without the
> trailing slash and with \HasChildren where it should be hidden.

I found a solution for this annoying "Public/" namespace vs. nonexistent
"Public" mailbox behavior:

I'm trying to setup per-domain public folders. First I used
location=cydir:/path/%d/public:..., but Dovecot doesn't expand the %d
variable inside type=public namespaces.

Next I used location=cydir:/path/public:... and created
/path/public/do.main and a dovecot-acl file inside with content
"group=do.main lrswi". This works fine for users with the
acl_groups=do.main extra field, they see their Public/ namespace. But
users without a group or users in a group for that no public folder
exists are wondering why they see a "Public" mailbox, which gives an
error on select or subscribe...

Now I return CONCAT('cydir:/path/', `domain`, '/public:INDEX=~/public')
AS `namespace/pub/location` in the user_query, which works fine for all
users in all domains :-) as long as there is either no subfolder or a
subfolder/dovecot-acl with "anyone lrs" in /path/do.main/public.


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