[Dovecot] Question about "slow" storage but fast cpus, plenty of ram and dovecot

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Mon Dec 13 08:29:01 EET 2010

Eric Rostetter put forth on 12/12/2010 9:08 PM:
> Quoting Stan Hoeppner <stan at hardwarefreak.com>:
>> Also, due to the potential size of the index files (mine alone are 276
>> MB on an 877 MB mbox), you'll need to do some additional research to see
>> if this is a possibility for you.
> That's rather high based on my users...  My largest user has 110M of
> indexes.
> The next highest users are 54M, 52M, 43M, 38M, 32M, 30M, 27M, 23M, 22M, and
> then tons of users in the teens...  So your situation doesn't seem to be
> the norm...

Oh, I'm positive of that Eirc. :)

> I guess it depends on your site (users, quotas, number of folders per
> user, etc).

About 135 MB of that 276 MB mentioned above is search indexes.

This mailbox has a little over 62,000 emails, stored in mbox format.
Most of the 62K reside in less than 10 mbox files (IMAP folders).  It's
definitely out of the norm. :)


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