[Dovecot] limit login concurencly from different ip

Giovanni Mancuso suuuper at messinalug.org
Fri Dec 10 11:54:22 EET 2010

 On 08/12/2010 00:29, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-12-07 at 13:22 +0100, Giovanni Mancuso wrote:
>> I read in documentation that there is "mail_max_userip_connections", but
>> in this way i limit the login that come from same ip. If the same user
>> tries to connect from different ip, he succeeds.
>> Can i do it?
> Not directly. If you don't care about mail_max_userip_connections, you
> can force it to ignore the user's IP with some hack:
> a) modify source code
Can i wirite a plugin to do this? Or i must modify source.

OT: Is there a valid documentation that explain how can i write a plugin?
> b) send all traffic via a dummy localhost proxy, which changes Dovecot
> to see the IP as
> Why do you want this anyway? Are you trying to prevent one user
> accidentally from using too many connections, or to prevent intentional
> DoS? I think the former is pretty unlikely, and the latter can be worked
> around by DDoSing instead.
In my system, there are some users that connect with the same username,
and i would prevent this.


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