[Dovecot] mutt freezes

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Thu Dec 9 18:22:24 EET 2010

** Manoel Prazeres <prazeres at impa.br> [2010-12-09 15:47]:
> Hi
> Sometimes mutt freezes saying "Closing connection to imap.impa.br...".
> Any clue?
** end quote [Manoel Prazeres]

I get that sometimes and in my case it is always due to a network problem, one

1. I've just rebooted the server without disconnecting my client [1]
2. My netbook has just come out of hibernation and the wifi hasn't connected

It takes a good while to recover after this, which I assume is a Mutt issue,
but since it is always self inflicted I've not investigated further.

Could be worth checking your network connectivity at the time of the problem
starting (it could have recovered quite quickly and no longer be an issue
though). I've not checked, but there may be something in the Mutt configuration
to improve its handling of a lost connection perhaps.

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