[Dovecot] load increase after upgrade to 2.0.8

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Dec 9 11:41:17 EET 2010

On 9.12.2010, at 9.13, Cor Bosman wrote:

> If you want to have a quick look already, im mailing you the locations of 2 files, 1 with service_count=0 and one with service_count=1.  

I see that about half the commands that do hundreds or thousands of volcses are IDLE. Wonder if that is the problem. But there are others .. I see for example that one "LOGOUT" command takes 2000 volcses, which I doubt is true. More likely it's counting something that happened before the LOGOUT, like probably doing a mailbox synchronization. Attached a new version of the patch that also logs volcs for syncs.

Also STATUS and SELECT seem to have high volcses, which do a mailbox sync.. Hmm. So if it is about mailbox sync, where in the sync then is it slow? Added more debugging for this in the attached patch.

>>> Normally dovecot creates a directory as root, and chowns it to the owner it belongs to. At least, thats what I assume happens as normally this all works fine. 
>> Uh. No.. Privileges are always dropped before Dovecot creates any directories. I don't know what creates the directories for you. I'd guess the authentication code?
> Something in dovecot does :)  If a user without a maildir logs in for the first time, the dir is created.

Probably would be good to find out what exactly, in case that's caused by some security hole :)

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