[Dovecot] load increase after upgrade to 2.0.8

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 9 11:13:39 EET 2010

> Great. If the logs aren't too huge I could look at the raw ones, or you could try to write a script yourself to parse them. I'm basically interested in things like:
> 1. How large are the first volcs entries for processes? (= Is the initial process setup cost high?)
> 2. Find the last volcs entry for each process. Sum them up for some time period. Is the total about the same as the system's entire volcs during that time?
> 3. What kind of a volcs distribution do the processes have? A graph might be nice :)
> 4. Most importantly: Are there some commands that trigger a high increase in volcs numbers?

If you want to have a quick look already, im mailing you the locations of 2 files, 1 with service_count=0 and one with service_count=1.  

> Well, that clearly says it's trying to initialize user "cor".. Is the "corbosch" directory you or someone else?

corbosch is actually a non-existing user, and im suspecting a local bug. I mailed you about that in private. 

> I'd have guessed that the above corbosch already existed.

Yeah, it probably should be targetting 'cor' but for some reason chars get appended to the dir location.  Not sure if its our local modification or something in dovecot.

>> Normally dovecot creates a directory as root, and chowns it to the owner it belongs to. At least, thats what I assume happens as normally this all works fine. 
> Uh. No.. Privileges are always dropped before Dovecot creates any directories. I don't know what creates the directories for you. I'd guess the authentication code?

Something in dovecot does :)  If a user without a maildir logs in for the first time, the dir is created.


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