[Dovecot] Permission denied error log messages

Tim Traver tt-list at simplenet.com
Thu Dec 2 18:22:52 EET 2010


ok, I have captured the error in the log file :

Dec 02 06:59:12 lda(martha at xxxxx.com): Error: ostream: write(0x284eb000,
8009) failed
Dec 02 06:59:12 lda(martha at xxxxx.com): Error:
write(/home/mailboxes/data/simplenet/59/martha at xxxxx.com/Maildir/tmp/1291301951.M464029P90603.mta4.scaledsystems.com)
failed: Permission denied
Dec 02 06:59:12 lda(martha at xxxxx.com): Error: sieve:
msgid=<002f01cb9230$ef3a9330$cdafb990$@com>: failed to store into
mailbox 'INBOX': Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more
information. [2010-12-02 06:59:11]

Does this help as to what the issue is?

Again, I'm running the latest 8.1 stable FreeBSD on this machine,
although I see the same errors on a 8.0 as well...
Disk isn't full, and it happened at 1:40 am, when there is virtually NO
load on the machine, or on the NFS server.



On 12/1/2010 10:41 PM, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 2.12.2010, at 6.04, Tim Traver wrote:
>> ok, I have a large 2.07 NFS setup, and I have been monitoring error
>> messages to make sure I catch things, and I've come across a lot of
>> messages that come in pairs and look like this :
>> Dec 01 17:48:35 lda(paul at xxxxxx.com): Error:
>> write(/home/mailboxes/data/301/paul at xxxxxx.com/Maildir/tmp/1291254514.M620308P83269.mta2.scaledsystems.com)
>> failed: Permission denied
> write() doesn't check for permissions. That's done when the file is open()ed. So if that's happening, the possibilities I can think of are:
> a) Bug in Dovecot
> b) Bug in Linux kernel
> c) NFS server failing the write due to permission error for some reason
> You could apply the attached debug patch, it should at least make it clear what function exactly fails and get rid of the a) doubt.
>> I use qmail control files to feed the lda delivery for messages. When
>> these errors happen, is the message lost? or is it still queued up in
>> qmail's queue when the lda gives a fatal error like that?
> dovecot-lda fails with tempfail exit code, so it should be retried.

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