[Dovecot] Permission denied error log messages

Tim Traver tt-list at simplenet.com
Thu Dec 2 10:22:25 EET 2010

Thanks Timo,

I've applied the patch, and I'll let it run till tomorrow to see what we

Just so you know, I'm running the latest stable branch of FreeBSD 8.1,
but I'm also seeing the errors on a stable 8.0 machine.

I'll let you know what I see in the logs.


On 12/1/2010 10:41 PM, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 2.12.2010, at 6.04, Tim Traver wrote:
>> ok, I have a large 2.07 NFS setup, and I have been monitoring error
>> messages to make sure I catch things, and I've come across a lot of
>> messages that come in pairs and look like this :
>> Dec 01 17:48:35 lda(paul at xxxxxx.com): Error:
>> write(/home/mailboxes/data/301/paul at xxxxxx.com/Maildir/tmp/1291254514.M620308P83269.mta2.scaledsystems.com)
>> failed: Permission denied
> write() doesn't check for permissions. That's done when the file is open()ed. So if that's happening, the possibilities I can think of are:
> a) Bug in Dovecot
> b) Bug in Linux kernel
> c) NFS server failing the write due to permission error for some reason
> You could apply the attached debug patch, it should at least make it clear what function exactly fails and get rid of the a) doubt.
>> I use qmail control files to feed the lda delivery for messages. When
>> these errors happen, is the message lost? or is it still queued up in
>> qmail's queue when the lda gives a fatal error like that?
> dovecot-lda fails with tempfail exit code, so it should be retried.

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