[Dovecot] Dovecot 1.2 beta1 in Solaris 10 for sparc, error reading maildir format?

Andrés Yacopino ayacopino at acasalud.com.ar
Wed Mar 25 16:05:04 EET 2009

Timo, well i have change this (to erase optimization flags):

CFLAGS='-xtarget=ultra3 -xarch=v8plusa -fast'
to this:
CFLAGS='-xtarget=ultra3 -xarch=v8plusa -pipe'

Then recompile everything (dovecot 1.2beta2 with 
dovecot-1.2.beta1-managesieve-0.11.3.diff.gz patch, 
dovecot-1.2-sieve-0.1.3 and dovecot-1.2-managesieve-0.11.3.(same 
versions as before)

Now it is working right, can it be something is this optimization flag 
(-fast) that it is breaking something.



Andrés Fernando Yacopino

Timo Sirainen escribió:
> On Wed, 2009-03-18 at 13:38 -0300, Andrés Yacopino wrote:
>> I guess i have done well the debug, here it goes:
> Almost.
>> #0  0x000a0384 in mail_index_map ()
>> (gdb) bt full
>> #0  0x000a0384 in mail_index_map ()
> This gives some kind of an idea, but still there's a lot of code that
> makes it difficult to guess where the problem is without debugging
> symbols. Especially because I'm using Dovecot with Solaris 10 Sparc
> without problems.
> Could you compile Dovecot without -O2 (or whatever optimization flags if
> you're using Sun CC) and without stripping debugging symbols from the
> binaries? For example with gcc I'd do:
> CFLAGS="-g" ./configure

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