[Dovecot] Connection closed by foreign host.

tubauwe at gmx.de tubauwe at gmx.de
Tue Mar 13 23:14:52 EET 2007

I installed dovecot on my system using the following configuration (in dovecot.conf):

protocols = imap 
listen = *
ssl_disable = yes
login_user = nobody
login_processes_count = 3
mail_extra_groups = nobody

default_mail_env = maildir:/home/%u/Maildir

auth default {
mechanisms = plain
passdb shadow {
userdb passwd {
user = root

After that I tested via telnet an got the message:

Connection closed by foreign host.

In the log-file I found the following lines:

dovecot: Mar 12 22:49:18 Info: Dovecot v1.0.rc15 starting up
dovecot: Mar 12 22:51:12 Info: imap-login: Login: user=<username>, method=PLAIN, rip=192.168.??.20, lip=192.168.??.3
dovecot: Mar 12 22:51:12 Error: setmntent(/etc/mtab) failed: No such file or directory
dovecot: Mar 12 22:51:12 Error: child 616 (imap) killed with signal 11

Because I'm quite a newbie, I don't know what to do. Therefore I ask here for help.

Thank you!

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