[Dovecot] New install on Ubuntu Fiesty 7.04

Wade Smart wadesmart at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 00:55:35 EEST 2007

Thats ok. Im still very new to linux so all of this stuff is new to me.

I have my setup working and I have access to my email - 2069 now in my
And I have one question.
I read in the QuickStart about using Dovecot to send my mail as well.
Dovecot LDA with Posftix. Well, I thought I had better check into that since
I cant send email yet.
I wasnt sure if I should just set up my client to send directly or let this
stuff do what it can do.


On 4/29/07, Charles Marcus <CMarcus at media-brokers.com> wrote:
> > I think you are forgetting that this is the output of the command
> > "dovecot -n", not the dovecot.conf file itself.
> Ack...
> Heh - you know, the many times I've used it to see what my settings
> were, I never actually 'noticed' that the format was different.
> Sorry, Wade...
> Timo - reformatting it like that - isn't it possible that a typo might
> get 'fixed' somehow? If not, I guess its ok, but somehow it seems to me
> that it should just spit out the settings just like they look in the
> conf file...
> --
> Best regards,
> Charles

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