[Dovecot] LSUB "" "" vs LIST "" "" (hacked Apple Mail problem)

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Fri Apr 27 09:35:47 EEST 2007

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Jon Callas schrieb:
> I'm using Apple Mail to Dovecot and have no real issues with IMAP to  
> Dovecot. Certainly not as many as others. I'm also doing IMAP to  
> Exchange and to Communigate Pro, and Exchange sucks royally, but  
> Dovecot and CGP work fine.
> At work, we do IMAP proxying for crypto, and let me tell you we know  
> lots about the idiocies in every client there is. Mail.app has had  
> some major revisions in some of the point releases of 10.4, so what  
> you thought six months ago isn't necessarily so now.
> Every IMAP client we know of (and we've seen them all) does crazy  
> things. It's really an IMAP problem that there are several ways to do  
> anything. Thunderbird has its own idiosyncrasies, as does Mulberry  
> and anything else.
> 	Jon
Hi i didnt test apple mail to dovecot , but its
broken to courier imap.
It has a long history of bugs, i.e producing double mails
and nower days it has problems with attachment names
( this may be produced by adope or apple updates )
I never had such problems with thunderbird to courier, cyrus, dovecot
using many versions of the client and servers so i call Apple mail a
broken client anyway, but that only my feels about it, no need to flame
about that, i recommend my customer not to use it in a prof. use and go
to thunderbird instead.
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