[Dovecot] disabling pop/imap per mail address?

Armijn Hemel armijn at uulug.nl
Wed Apr 25 01:15:24 EEST 2007


first of all I want to say thanks to Timo for Dovecot 1.0. We've been
running it in production at the company where I work and we're very
pleased with it. Good job!

One thing that we were wondering about today is if we can disable a certain
protocol depending on the mailbox. So for example: user A can access via
pop3s and imap, user B can only access via pop3, user C can use only imaps,
and so on.



PS: am I assuming correctly that IMAP namespaces will make it possible
to have shared IMAP folders with Dovecot? I'm still a bit of an IMAP dummy

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