[Dovecot] Experience with Dovecot + Sieve + Webmail?

Láďa durchanek at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 21:26:24 EEST 2007

Or you can use Avelsieve (devel branch) with pysieved (MANAGESIEVE server
written in Python) - http://woozle.org/~neale/src/pysieved/. It works nice
for me, configuration was easy and home directories can be returned e.g.
from MySQL database. Currently, there is some work underway to get them
directly from dovecot's auth-master. But you may have permission problems if
you are using different UIDs.


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> Hello,
> there were some posts into this lists regarding Webmail interfaces and
> Sieve. What are the experiences with them?
> I need a webmail frontend that is capable of IMAP, supporting dovecot's
> namespaces, verifying PGP and managing Sieve in conjunction with Dovecot.
> I found two mature products, I also saw posts about, so I'm going to ask.
> Some posts on this list suggest that some are using SquirrelMail/avelsieve
> and some Horde (IMP/Ingo). What are the experiences with them? Are they
> stable and are there configuration glitches (there is a thread about a bug
> in avelsieve, for instance). How do they interact with Dovecot in order to
> find the user's homedirectory to get/put the Sieve script?
> Maybe it's offtopic for the Wiki, but would you mind share your
> configuration on the Dovecot Wiki?
> Bye,
> - --
> Steffen Kaiser

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