[Dovecot] Experience with Dovecot + Sieve + Webmail?

Uldis Pakuls neko at it4u.lv
Tue Apr 24 16:56:33 EEST 2007

Steffen Kaiser wrote:
> Some posts on this list suggest that some are using 
> SquirrelMail/avelsieve and some Horde (IMP/Ingo). What are the 
> experiences with them? Are they stable and are there configuration 
> glitches (there is a thread about a bug in avelsieve, for instance). 
> How do they interact with Dovecot in order to find the user's 
> homedirectory to get/put the Sieve script?
I've been using SquirrelMail/avelsieve
1. Avelsieve Devel Branch (1.9)  + patch for dovecots managesieve 
compatibility. actuality just hardcoded sieve capabilities., as plugin 
can't detect them automatically, (other posts here says it is just text 
uppercase/lowercase problem in capabilities reporting; and provides 
another patch)
2. Managesieve patch v4 patch + patches i posted here few week ago 
(segfault dumping dovecot settings).
3. Sieve plugin + patches i posted here few week ago (notify method is 
broken in CVS sieve plugin version).

All works just fine, except if mail_chroot is enabled. so don't use this 

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