[Dovecot] help with static userdb

Kyle Wheeler kyle-dovecot at memoryhole.net
Wed Apr 18 04:04:16 EEST 2007


This may be a dumb question... I'm trying to set up 1.0 with a static 
userdb, and I'm getting stuck. I have:

     userdb static {
         args = uid=500 gid=500 home=/domains/%d/%n

When I attempt to log in as, say, kyle at memoryhole.net (via telnet, so 
I *know* I'm logging in as that user), the debug log says that it 
thinks my home directory is "/domains//kyle".

I even tried, just to check what might be going on:

     args = uid=500 gid=500 home=/domains/%u/%d/%n

It then thought my home directory was "/domains/kyle//kyle".

Can anyone help me? Where might that be getting cleared?

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