[Dovecot] 1.0.rc29 released

Yu Chen chen at hhmi.umbc.edu
Tue Apr 3 05:32:40 EEST 2007

>> I really have to agree with Kenneth here.
>> Specially after comments are made that the program has likely very few more 
>> bug fixes needed before going gold.. Adding new features, specially if they 
>> require any changes to the config file, makes little sense. 
> Right! 
> I was tracking the RC branches for a while, until one day ten percent or so 
> of the users here (we're on mbox) couldn't open their mboxes.  Rolling back 
> didn't fix anything, and it took another five RCs to get things stable again.

Totally agree here too. First, definitly thanks Timo for such a great 
software and hardworking. But really, I have been a new user to dovecot 
for a while, I was going to switch our system to dovecot, but really 
got confused on when should I do it, since it always seems like just 
a week before the final version, always...

> So now I'm running a nightly build from the rc25 era, and there I'm going to 
> stay until I migrate either to Courier or to Dovecot 1.0 (assuming it ever 
> ships.  We've been "real close now" for MONTHS...).

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