[Dovecot] 1.0.rc29 released

Jay Chandler chandler.lists at chapman.edu
Tue Apr 3 00:28:00 EEST 2007

Francisco Reyes wrote:
> I really have to agree with Kenneth here.
> Specially after comments are made that the program has likely very few 
> more bug fixes needed before going gold.. 
> Adding new features, specially if they require any changes to the 
> config file, makes little sense. 

I was tracking the RC branches for a while, until one day ten percent or 
so of the users here (we're on mbox) couldn't open their mboxes.  
Rolling back didn't fix anything, and it took another five RCs to get 
things stable again.

So now I'm running a nightly build from the rc25 era, and there I'm 
going to stay until I migrate either to Courier or to Dovecot 1.0 
(assuming it ever ships.  We've been "real close now" for MONTHS...).

Jay Chandler
Network Administrator
Chapman University

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