[Dovecot] Suggestion: mod_auth_dovecot

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Apr 2 16:01:55 EEST 2007

On 2.4.2007, at 15.53, David Anderson wrote:

> I forgot to say something! Alternatively, a PAM module pam_dovecot  
> might
> be equally useful. (Then Apache could use it via mod_auth_pam and  
> other
> services could use it too, e.g. SSH, FTP.... but only of course on
> platforms with PAM).

Yep. And nss_dovecot, libsasl.so compatible replacement for Cyrus  
SASL, etc. :)

I'm not really interested in learning PAM/NSS internals though. I'm  
willing to help anyone who wants to implement them though.
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