[Dovecot] imaptest10 and stalled messages

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Apr 1 10:01:32 EEST 2007

On 29.3.2007, at 19.52, Mike Brudenell wrote:

> Error: BAD reply 'Error in IMAP command APPEND: Invalid arguments.'  
> for command: APPEND "INBOX" () {134933+}
> Error: APPEND replied BAD: Error in IMAP command APPEND: Invalid  
> arguments.
> [?? I'm assuming the BAD reply was some General Nastiness in the  
> mbox I'm feeding into imaptest10?  It's the dovecot.mbox file from  
> dovecot.org that was suggested in a message to the list a while  
> back. ??]

Can you reproduce this? It could be that imaptest sends something  
wrong, but I did notice and fix several bugs in APPEND command  
because of imaptest. Although they were all related to error  
conditions, such as out of quota handling with MULTIAPPEND.

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