[Dovecot] imaptest10 and stalled messages

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Apr 1 09:57:58 EEST 2007

On 30.3.2007, at 21.24, Mike Brudenell wrote:

> 2.  How much real-life user load does running imaptest10 with 50  
> simulated
>     clients equate to?  I assume each simulated user is hammering  
> away at
>     its IMAP connection, so should equate to several (how many?)  
> normal
>     users in real-life operation?

I don't know, but most IMAP connections are just idling, so it could  
be anything from 10-100x.

> 3.  I'm concerned by the N/M number at the end of the imaptest10  
> output
>     lines plummeting whenever one process goes into this stalled  
> state:
>     it almost suggests as if the only thing the other processes can  
> do is
>     logout?  Are other sessions really being blocked, or is it just
>     imaptest10 behaving like this?

It's just imaptest. If it detects one connection stalling, it stops  
making new connections to the server until the stall goes away.

That's however a good way to detect what it is that's stalling. Just  
wait for a while until there are only stalled connections, and you  
can truss the imap connections to see what they're doing. Are they  
waiting for some locks?

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