[Dovecot] 1.0rc29: Corrupted index cache file

Jeff Rice python at finity.org
Sun Apr 1 05:16:18 EEST 2007

I have recently migrated from Courier to Dovecot, and I noticed a 
problem in one of my spam scripts.  Here's the setup:

Spam that needs to be retrained by the filter is placed in a maildir 
from the IMAP client.  A cron job scans that maildir and if it finds a 
message, feeds it to the spam filter and removes it from the training 
maildir.  Depending on whether or not the message was a spam or ham, it 
is either deleted or delivered to Inbox.

It appears I am getting an error when the script deletes a mail message. 
  I haven't checked if this message only occurs when a client is 
connected -- it's possible.

Log excerpt:
Mar 31 18:34:57 finity dovecot: IMAP(XXXXXXX at finity.org): Maildir 
/home/vmail/XXXXXXX at finity.org/.Spam.Unsure sync: UID inserted in the 
middle of mailbox (8 > 3, file = msg.FHoB:2,)
Mar 31 18:34:57 finity dovecot: IMAP(XXXXXXX at finity.org): Disconnected: 
Mailbox is in inconsistent state, please relogin.
Mar 31 18:35:36 finity dovecot: IMAP(XXXXXXX at finity.org): Corrupted 
index cache file 
/home/vmail/XXXXXXX at finity.org/.Spam.Unsure/dovecot.index.cache: indexid 


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