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Todd Vierling tv at duh.org
Fri Jan 20 19:43:22 EET 2006

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Roger Weeks wrote:

> Why?  Because I want to know exactly how the binary was built.  I want to know
> that it's specifically compiled for my particular machine.  I've had too many
> weird problems with RPM packages - and DEB packages for that matter - that
> proclaimed themselves to be i586 or i686 when in fact they were i386.

If your x86-based machine is having "weird problems" other than simply
running a couple % slower on i386-compiled code, you have a lot more worries
than just software or compilers.  <evil grin>

(I'm not playing devil's advocate, just the part of pedant wrt the --
perhaps unintended -- inference that i386-compatible binaries have problems
on newer x86 architectures.  They shouldn't; rather, they just run a
fraction slower, because the better extended opcodes introduced in the 486
and later lines are not being used.)

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