[Dovecot] Dovecot + Outlook express + permission denied

Nagy László nagylzs at enternet.hu
Thu Dec 28 18:54:46 UTC 2006

Nagy László írta:
>  Hello,
> I have an account (called awesome) that does not have access to some 
> public shared folders. I can use this account from Mozilla 
> Thunderbird, but I cannot use it from Outlook. I opened 
> /var/log/maillog. When I try to list all folders, I get this in the log:
> Dec 28 09:57:38 designaproduct dovecot: IMAP(awesome): 
> opendir(/var/mail/public) failed: Permission denied
This is not the only problem. It turned out that adding CONTROL: to the 
location will not work. I changed this:

location = maildir:/var/mail/public

into this:

location = maildir:/var/mail/public:CONTROL=/home/%u/Maildir/public/control

My mail clients (Thunderbird) cannot download message bodies! There is 
no error in the mail log. The headers are okay. When I removed the 
CONTROL: part, message bodies came back. What is this? Please help.



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