[Dovecot] Correct naming scheme for dovecot / squirrelmail subfolders?

M. Fioretti mfioretti at mclink.it
Thu Dec 28 18:55:12 UTC 2006


I am running dovecot 1.0-0_34.rc15 and squirrelmail 1.4.8-2 on a
Centos 4 server. Right now all messages are delivered to maildir
/var/mail/vhosts/virtual_mail_root/, which has its cur, tmp, new

I need to (re) configure postfix, dovecot and squirrelmail so that
email is filtered and dovecot serves different boxes to squirrelmail,
that is when I log in in squirrelmail I see:

         work (5)
         friends (6)
         lists   (35)

that is every subfolder listed under Inbox with the number of unread
messages. Now, I do know how to filter incoming email in different
folders with postfix.

The part still missing, in spite of several online searches, is the
correct _naming_ and nesting of all the new mailboxes. In other words,
if now everything goes into /var/mail/vhosts/virtual_mail_root/ :

1) what is the currect _name_ to give to the future "work" inbox ??
	what else?

2) which parameters must be changed and how in dovecot and/or
   squirrelmail (or any IMAP client in my home PC) so that folders are
   recognized and displayed as I wish?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


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