[Dovecot] Dovecot killing OpenLDAP

Gavin Henry ghenry at suretecsystems.com
Fri Dec 22 23:50:42 UTC 2006

<quote who="Timo Sirainen">
> On 23.12.2006, at 1.12, Gavin Henry wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Using rc15 here, with userdb and passdb in LDAP, no prefetcg.
>> Dovecot keeps a thread open, so we can't shutdown our directory.
>> Any ideas why?
> So that it can quickly authenticate users without having to connect
> to the LDAP server every time. This is the first time I've heard of
> this being a problem.. I don't know what I could do about it. Can't
> you just force the shutdown?

This is in our logs constantly:

connection_input: conn=2 deferring operation: binding

And this freezes OpenLDAP, it won't shutdown. Even if you force it, the
bdb backend is left open and you need to remove alock and do a db_recover.

Also, if you shutdown dovecot before shutdown OpenLDAP, there's still a
thread open.

So, no a forced shutdown isn't good :-(

Dec 22 23:13:33 suretec slapd[29622]: daemon: shutdown requested and
Dec 22 23:13:33 suretec slapd[29622]: slapd shutdown: waiting for 1
threads to terminate


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