[Dovecot] Postfix/Dovecot virtual - directory structure

Johan Folin johan.folin at lsn.se
Fri Dec 22 23:14:24 UTC 2006

Hi, perhaps I should post this in a Postfix forum but I'll give it a 
shot: I want my accounts sorted under /home/vmail/[domain]/[username] 
(and I managed to get Dovecot to look for mail there with %d and %n ), 
but how do I tell Postfix to sort the mail? I can't figure out how to do 
it. The virtual_mail_base is /home/vmail/ but there I get a bunch of 
folders in the form [username]@[domain]. I use mysql for the virtual 
mailboxes if that matters.

I'll be grateful for any suggestions.

/Johan Folin

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