[Dovecot] Shared folder subscriptions

Timothy White dovecot.user at weirdo.bur.st
Fri Dec 15 07:24:12 UTC 2006

> Having a different control file for each user would not be good for me,
> it would cause lot trouble.
> Having the same control file for all users is also bad, I would get many
> complaints because error messages would show up.
> In the worst case I can write a script that automatically subscribes
> everybody to the correct folders, but this would be very clumsy. Any ideas?

Actually, I think this is the better idea. I'm not 100% sure, but I
know a lot of suggestions for crazy subscription stuff, is to have a
simple script, that sits between dovecot and the imap "server", adding
in a few extra subscription commands at the start of the session.
I sometimes wonder if having some sort of "forced" subscriptions
feature, for different groups, is needed, or maybe a plugin could be
written? Problem is defining the groups, as you probably can't rely on
filesystem groups.

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