[Dovecot] Shared folder subscriptions

Nagy László nagylzs at enternet.hu
Thu Dec 14 15:41:22 UTC 2006


I have this shared folder:

namespace public {
    separator = /
    prefix = Public/
    location = maildir:/var/mail/public

It is accessible for all users in a specific group (mode 770, umask 
0007). Users in that group should always be subscribed to all 
subfolders, so I did not use a different CONTROL for each user. All of 
our IMAP users were in that group, until now.

I added a new user and she should not be able to access the public 
folder. She is not in the right group, so everything is okay, except 
that her e-mail client TRIES to open Public. It is because she is also 
subscribed to that folder. My question is: is it possible to have 
different control files for different groups of users?

Having a different control file for each user would not be good for me, 
it would cause lot trouble.
Having the same control file for all users is also bad, I would get many 
complaints because error messages would show up.

In the worst case I can write a script that automatically subscribes 
everybody to the correct folders, but this would be very clumsy. Any ideas?



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