[Dovecot] Disconnects with proxies / new facts

Michael Kress kress at hal.saar.de
Tue Dec 12 11:29:18 UTC 2006

Hmm, I've already tried that proxy together with uw-imapd and I 
succeeded in getting mails, it seems that there's an issue in the 
communication between that specific proxy and that specific pop3 server 
dovecot. I also tried pgp desktop as a pop3 proxy and that worked perfectly.

Maybe the issue is related to the fact that dovecot is located on a xenU 
domain, the rest is a pretty basic CentOS-4.4 installation.

cu - Michael

Peter Fern wrote:
> Looks like a problem with the proxy to me - sending carriage returns
> after each character.  You say 'as soon as the client uses some pop3
> proxy,' but I wonder - have you actually tried another proxy, and have
> you tried this one with other pop servers?  We know dovecot is working
> since you've stated as much, and all dovecot does is interpret what's
> sent to it over the socket...

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