[Dovecot] Advice, Converting a Live/Production server.

Michael Dilworth michael at dilworth.net
Mon Dec 11 01:16:01 UTC 2006

I want to mess with a live server. (a Bad thing).

I have googled until my eyes boogled, wiki'ed until my fingers are wonked,
have read as much as I can read, however I'm left with a few

 I am currently running Dovecot as a pop3 server with standard /var/mail
 I would like to run a mixed Imap/Pop3 server with ~/maildir inbox's

 The thread http://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2006-February/011304.html
 is fairly close to what I want to do, but I would like to go ahead and
 convert to maildir. (Mixed pop3/imap access for each user)

 I don't have a system to test, "I used have one but it's now the
 production server... PW/Disk failed, thank G-D(s) for rsync/backups".

 procmail, dovecot 1.0 beta 8.2 (fc5), squirrelmail.

 all users use outlook (2000,2003) or outlook express (random versions)
  (^^^^ not my choice, I just have to deal with it {and use it} ^^^^^)

 the majority of users will continue to use pop3, however some would like to
 convert to imap and have all mail stored on the server.


 /etc/procmailrc?  just set default to ~/maildir?  do I need to define
 aka $MAILDIR=~/maildir/, $ORGMAIL=~/maildir/, $DEFAULT=~/maildir/

 Same as above, what about new/cur  should I set up a /etc/skel?

 close to above, if I create rules, for spam, etc. do I need to worry about

 close to above, what about Sent Items, Drafts etc... for imap users, I
 do understand that client rules would likely be needed to store sent items.

 conversion, anything to look for? mb2md seems to work, but some users have
 "don't delete from server set", will they get dups? (I can live with this)

 archiving, can I (or a script) mess with the files in the maildir?  aka
 the number of files/messages less than 16k for the outlook users.

 Bugs, should I cool my heals, and wait for rc16 or 1.0 final?  I am
 running problem free, and I do hate to mess with something which is not

TIA Michael.

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