[Dovecot] Extra inbox problem

Jim Horner jhorner at arinbe.com
Thu Dec 7 18:29:23 UTC 2006

On Thursday 07 December 2006 10:35, Stephen Allen wrote:
> One of my users (who uses Outlook) has lost all her folders that were
> inside her INBOX.  She collects her mail by IMAP.  I have confirmed that
> she has no folders in her INBOX.

Outlook is a piece of crap. I just felt like venting.

I will give you some of my experiences for folks that use Outlook...

There is an option in Outlook to set the "Root Path" or some such 
configuration option. I have to tell folks to make sure that is blank. 
However, it sounds like you could set this person's root path to INBOX. and 
their folders will magically reappear... be aware then that this person will 
only see their INBOX namespace then and won't see any public or shared 
namespaces. Our CEO refuses to remove the INBOX. from his root path and 
therefore can not see the shared folders (idiot springs to mind).

I've had issues (my fault) in the past with Namespaces in the dovecot.conf 
file and filenames in the Maildir directory. The following is based on memory 
so take it with a grain salt. For example, if the INBOX prefix in the 
dovecot.conf file is INBOX. then -none- of the directories in the Maildir 
directory should begin with .INBOX. However, if you have a blank prefix in 
dovecot.conf for INBOX and you want all the folders to appear under INBOX in 
the mail client then you probably need Maildir directories that start 
with .INBOX. Hopefully that makes sense. The subscription file in the Maildir 
directory should match also, either INBOX.somefolder or sans INBOX... I 
suppose (re)subscribing in the client would (re)sync this file. I am not 



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