[Dovecot] rc15 dumped core

Hans Morten Kind Kind at it.uib.no
Tue Dec 5 15:44:16 UTC 2006

> Hmh. I don't really get how this is possible. Or do you use 32bit file
> offsets instead of the 64bit (which should be default)?

No, we are not doing anything fancy with the indexes, configure reports
  File offsets ........................ : 64bit

> And BTW. the mail process sizes are by default limited to 256MB virtual
> memory, so that's why it gave "not enough space" error. Except it should
> have given ENOMEM, not ENOSPC, but that's probably some Solaris thing.

This error has just showed up once on rc15, we are still very happy!
But do you think we would gain something by adjusting mail_process_size
to ie 512? 

> [ ... ]
> I don't think it will help. Probably something in the cache file is
> treated as a file offset/size and somehow in a way I can't see right now
> it gets passed to file_cache_read().
> http://dovecot.org/list/dovecot-cvs/2006-December/006998.html
> http://dovecot.org/list/dovecot-cvs/2006-December/006995.html

I am now running with these patches and I have removed the memdebug-code.

Thanks for all your help and efforts


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