[Dovecot] duplicate emails

Sean Kamath kamath at geekoids.com
Mon Dec 4 04:03:37 UTC 2006

On Dec 3, 2006, at 5:04 PM, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 3.12.2006, at 23.42, Sean Kamath wrote:
> Uh. I was thinking all the time that you're using pop3 since that's  
> what started this thread :)

My bad.  The wonders of threaded newsreaders.  I came into the middle  
off the discussion, too.

> Now, you're having duplicate mails with IMAP? There's really no  
> good reason for why that would happen, unless the mail is actually  
> delivered to the mailbox twice, or if the client did something  
> weird, such as copying the mail elsewhere (eg. Trash) and back..

No, it happens to a whole session of mail.  The way my wife most  
notices it is when she deletes mail, and then it comes back.  I  
thought it was a marking issue. . .  Who knows.  I'll do a little  
digging. . .
> Dovecot LDA?

Stock Solaris 9 LDA.

> rc9 had this fix:
>         - mbox: Fixed a bug causing "X-IMAPbase uid-last  
> unexpectedly lost
>           in mbox file" errors, and possibly others.

I believe I shall update and then dig. :-)


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