[Dovecot] Deliver Root Setuid

Scott Alter scott at symphonyhosting.com
Sun Dec 3 18:34:42 UTC 2006

> I think I can stick with XFS quotas for a while. Not so nice solution
> but still usable.

If you currently use XFS group quotas for domain-based quotas, you can 
make this work with Dovecot using a patched filesystem backend.  It will 
enable reporting of group filesystem quotas (in addition to using inode 
filesystem quotas for message number quotas).

I have been using this patch in a production environment (Linux with 
ext3) since June, and it has been working perfectly for me.  I last 
updated this patch for rc7, and it probably does not apply cleanly to 
recent rc versions.  I'll update the patch again once 1.0 comes out, but 
doubt I'll have time to do it before then.  You can probably use the 
patched rc7 version of quota-fs.c with rc15 without problems.  I 
attached both the patch and the patched quota-fs.c files to the email 



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