[Dovecot] cache_key assertion error 1.0.rc15

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 3 17:01:40 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-20 at 11:38 -0800, Frank Cusack wrote:
> Looked into the source and I see that pam doesn't actually implement any
> caching.  Also, default_pass_scheme is not initialized (apparently the
> cache can store multiple types [schemes] of passwords per key).  So the
> example config using a cache_key cannot work.

Yes, the default_pass_scheme was missing. Guess I never actually tested
if it worked.

> I started working on implementing this, but I see that in
> src/auth/passdb-pam.c:pam_auth(), near the end, the PAM_USER is retrieved
> (nice, since PAM allows changing of the username but no one implements
> this) and then saved in the auth request with auth_request_set_field().
> Now, what is the point of all that?  This code runs in the child forked
> to do the PAM auth, and the username is not propagated to the parent
> (AFAICT).  And setting this data in the auth request doesn't do anything,
> since this code runs in the child.  (Or is the auth request data in
> shared memory?  Doesn't look like it.)

Right. I'm not sure why I ever did that. Probably I wasn't thinking too
much, or maybe back when I first implemented it the PAM code was running
in the same process.

I didn't remove it anyway. I want to later make PAM lookups go through
dovecot-auth worker processes the same way MySQL lookups are done now.
After that the code will work since the username is sent back to the
main process.

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