[Dovecot] 1.0.alpha4 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Oct 20 13:02:34 EEST 2005

The actual alpha4 release this time. With a few changes since the

The important changes again:

 - Default lock_method changed to flock instead of the old fcntl.
Solaris users will need to set it back to fcntl. This makes sure that
Dovecot's indexes aren't accidentally used with NFS.

 - IMAP: We might have sent extra EXPUNGE messages when output buffer
got full. This could have caused various sorts of very bad behavior.
This is the main reason why everyone should upgrade as soon as possible.

 - POP3: We sent duplicate replies for LIST command when output buffer
got full. Probably caused Thunderbird's duplicate deletion bugs?
(Although I thought someone checked that Dovecot's reply was correct
when the bug occurred?)

 - pop3_uidl_format setting is now required to be explicitly set in
configuration file for pop3 to work at all. I want to get rid of the old
default setting which breaks Outlooks, and simply changing the default
would break existing setups.

 - Multiple passdbs and userdbs of same type can now be added with
different parameters. Some people asked about this earlier.

 - Authentication cache works now with other than SQL and LDAP passdbs.
Some passdbs such as PAM require some additional settings to work. See
example config file.

 - Some other fixes to authentication cache related to failure handling
and non-plaintext authentication.

 - deny passdb wasn't working for non-plaintext authentication.

New changes since alpha4 pre-release:

 - imap/pop3 proxy feature was broken
 - fixed an assert-crash in ostream-file.c that was only in the

And some more changes since alpha3 that I didn't mention before:

 - zlib plugin updated in
http://dovecot.org/patches/1.0/zlib-plugin.tar.gz to be much faster than
 - Added ssl_username_from_cert setting. Not actually tested yet, does
it work?
 - epoll was broken with 64bit systems
 - Added deny password databases.
 - Dovecot can be run from inetd again
 - Index breakage/crashfix related to adding new keywords

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