[Dovecot] 1.0alpha4 uploaded to Debian unstable

Ben Beuchler insyte at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 19:44:56 EET 2005


Any idea why Ubuntu is lagging behind (!!!) Debian-unstable on this?


On 11/5/05, Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at debian.org> wrote:
> I finally got some free time and uploaded 1.0alpha4.  It will
> arrive in the archive by tomorrow afternoon.  Together with the
> most recent libssl0.9.8 upgrade I think this will fix the SSL problems
> users have been facing.
> --
> Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at debian.org>
> La Salle Debain - http://www.braincells.com/debian/

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