[Dovecot] Quota usage

Robin Breathe robin+dovecot at isometry.net
Tue Dec 20 17:00:12 EET 2005

> Stewart Dean wrote:
> (from someone other than the original appender)
> I'm looking to report the O/S (Berkeley BSD-originated, though on AIX)
> derived quota
> Timo Sirainen wrote:
>> On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 20:23 -0200, Clovis Tristão wrote:
>>> How I enable the quota using in Dovecot.
>>> Necessary to have access the quota of the users through the
>>> SquirrelMail checkquota plugin. Thanks a lot,
>> Currently not possible, but I just added the quota plugin to CVS,  
>> so it
>> comes to alpha5 release. But that doesn't mean it necessarily works
>> exactly how you want it, since there is no standard way to do quota..
>> Did you want it to show user's filesystem quota or something else?

I wrote a filesystem quota plugin for use with dovecot-0.99.x some  
time ago.
It's been tested with both Solaris and FreeBSD, and is currently used  
on a production Solaris server with 20k users for exactly the purpose  
you describe - SquirrelMail quota display.
If anyone's interested in looking at the code with an eye to  
extending OS support or accelerating conversion to the 1.0-alpha  
codebase, let me know and I'll get around to making it available  
On the other hand, Timo made some noises about committing something  
similar to CVS, so it may be worth waiting.


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