[Dovecot] Dovecot Version Numbers - Let's drop the Alpha?

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Fri Dec 16 16:42:09 EET 2005

I'd like to make a suggestion. Let's drop the Alpha and come out with an 
official version 1.0.

Here's my reasons. The 0.9x version are obsolete and people should be 
using the 1.0 Alpha versions which seem to me to do everything the 
previous versions did and more. It's as full featured and stable as all 
other IMAP servers and in my opinion is ready to be called 1.0.

The "Alpha" label scares people off and with the 0.9x version being 
obsolete I think it creates confusion for new users. It created 
confusion for me when I converted to dovecot, and distros are less 
,ikely to include versions with the Alpha label.

Once you go to 1.0 you can start a 1.1 alpha series and finish it up. I 
know Timo has high standards but as a marketing issue I think that the 
Alpha label needs to go to get people to accept and use 1.0 in production.


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