[Dovecot] Best way to upgrade from 1.0a4 to 1.0a5

Andy Cravens acravens at uen.org
Fri Dec 16 01:14:43 EET 2005

Cliff...  in the source directory type

   ./configure -help

also be sure to "configure" and "make" as a regular user but "make 
install" as root.


Cliff Hayes wrote:

>I'll take your word for it.  I can't find those configure options in the
>Cliff...  you need to specify the install directory when you configure.
>I would recommend including the version number in the directory name to
>make it easier to keep track of versions.  I also place the config file
>in a "shared" directory like /etc so I can use the same config file for
>any version.  Again, you have to make sure there are no config
>incompatabilities between versions before you switch.   Here's what I
>did on a Solaris host but you should be able to do this on Fedora.
>Common file locations may be different on Linux vs. Solaris hosts but
>the idea is the same.
>Example installing under /opt
>1) ./configure --prefix=/opt/dovecot-1.0.a5 --sysconfdir=/etc (add other
>options here as needed for your install)
>2) make
>3) make install
>4) cd /opt
>5) ln -s dovecot-1.0a5 dovecot
>6) edit your start/stop scripts to look at /opt/dovecot and NOT

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