[Dovecot] writing an MDA, help me avoid corrupted indexes

Lee Howard faxguy at howardsilvan.com
Wed Dec 14 06:43:08 EET 2005


First, I want to thank those responsible for Dovecot IMAP as it was a 
real treat to implement in comparison to my mostly-failed attempts with 
Cyrus.  The passwd-file authentication was exactly what I needed as I 
really didn't want to have to deal with PAM or LDAP but where I am 
setting up a server with virtual accounts.

I'm using Postfix as an MTA, and it quite handily passes the mail off to 
SpamAssassin.  From there I need an MDA to dump any mails detected as 
spam into a common spam folder, discard any mails with viruses (antivir) 
and send a notification to me, and then drop good mail into the 
appropriate maildir directory for the virtual users to get via both POP3 
and IMAP.

I could conceivably use procmail to do that MDA, and I've done similar 
things with procmail in the past, but my growing experience with 
procmail indicates that procmail is too ferocious for what simple work I 
need done, and too difficult to make work right in a virtual-user 
environment.  So I've written my own little MDA with a few lines of 
shell that will take the mail from Postfix+SpamAssassin and ultimately 
deposit mails in the maildirs.

So far so good, except that I keep seeing corrupt indexes... probably 
because I'm not touching the indexes at all with the MDA.  My guess is 
that in order for the MDA to properly deal with maildir it needs to 
adjust the indexes after depositing new mail.  Okay.  So can someone 
either give me a pointer to the proper documentation on this, including 
the index file formats, or perhaps just explain it to me?  Maybe I'm 
missing a larger picture of maildir handling?

I've glanced through http://www.dovecot.org/doc/index.txt but I notice 
that the index files are not ASCII, so I'm not sure where to start at 
understanding that documentation.

Any and all help would be appreciated.



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