[Dovecot] inotify.h not found

Nicolas STRANSKY Nicolas.Stransky at neo-lan.net
Wed Dec 14 21:46:36 EET 2005

Timo Sirainen a écrit :

> I don't think it's Dovecot's job to include Linux-specific header files 
> that it doesn't really even require. Looks like Debian at least has 
> inotify.h already:
> % dpkg -S /usr/include/linux/inotify.h
> linux-kernel-headers: /usr/include/linux/inotify.h

I have this file, but still, configure ends up with this error:
configure: error: inotify requested but not available, check for 
existence of <linux/inotify.h> and <linux/inotify-syscalls.h>

Where exactly should I place inotify.h ?


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