[Dovecot] Hi everyone .. need some pro-dovecot arguments :-)

Ron Wilhoite ronw at bals.org
Tue Dec 13 16:36:49 EET 2005

Florian Schnabel wrote:
> i could use some good arguments for dovecot, also your experiences with 
> it and with other mailservers so i can make a reasonable desicion and 
> preset some good arguments :-)

Dovecot made it incredibly easy for me to start offering imap to a few 
users without changing anything for the pop3 users (about 100 users) and 
without converting from mbox. The push to offer imap was the need to 
install Squirrelmail to offer webmail for select users.

I removed qpopper, installed dovecot, and everything just worked. I was 
done in about 2 hours, thanks to the sensible defaults in dovecot.conf, 
and the FreeBSD ports system.

Ron Wilhoite

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