[Dovecot] Hi everyone .. need some pro-dovecot arguments :-)

Chris Wakelin c.d.wakelin at reading.ac.uk
Tue Dec 13 16:13:28 EET 2005

One good reason to prefer Dovecot over Cyrus is that it supports both
Maildir and Mailbox, meaning you don't have to change your mailbox
format from that of UW-IMAP (unless you're using MBX), and can gradually
switch over to Maildir. It's made a huge difference to our IMAP server
performance, whilst keeping backwards compatablility with UW.

Cyrus has been around longer, and has many more users, so it's a more
mature product, but it is a bit of a fiddle to set up, and uses a
proprietary mailbox format (something like Maildir) and isn't coded as
neatly as Dovecot :)

Best Wishes,

Florian Schnabel wrote:
> Hi,
> i never used dovecot so far, but i heard a couple good things about it
> .. for one the debian maintainer of the exim package recommended it :-)
> so i want to change our mailserver (currently using ipop3 and uw-imap)
> to dovecot ... now my boss seems to favour cyrus.
> i could use some good arguments for dovecot, also your experiences with
> it and with other mailservers so i can make a reasonable desicion and
> preset some good arguments :-)
> Florian

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