[Dovecot] Update on Using Dovecot with Webmin

Lee MSN ltdmsn at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 10 20:44:56 EET 2005

First of all thanks for the replies.

I have decided to try the updated version 1.0 alpha

After uninstalling Dovecot .99 and cleaning up user,groups and files.
(Dovecot .99 was authenticating as best I can tell using unix users = the 
default -- and PAM = the default - I only had to setup the PAM if  I 
remember correctly.

Loaded Dovecot 1.0, made sure user, folders and files all seem to be setup 

Now - Webmin is able to stop and start Dovecot and it loads fine on reboot.  
But, it is pretty obvious that the Webmin modual is not up with then new and 
much more powerful Dovecot config file.  For me that is OK, as long it will 
show weather the service is up or down - stop and start it, which is seems 
to be doing just fine.  The reason I say this is when I try and use the 
Webmin modual to set user authentication to Standard Unix user database and 
PAM  - it does not work.

So I am needing help editing the Dovecot.conf file.

My new problem is this:

Can not get users to authenticate.
I am trying to first setup just unix authentication - with plain text for 
starters then will move up to more secure.

I have left the config file default - just made changes until it would 
start.  With the notable execption I set plain text to yes.

I have setup the Dovecot PAM file per the documentation.

So what I need help now with is this I am wanting to setup a very simple 
setup to start with:

A setup so that a outlook express client can login, using plain text 
password, unix login and password

POP3 = yes
Users  = linux/unix  (/etc/passwd)
Passwords = PAM or Shadow

Can anyone send me and edited config file that is setup to for this type of 
authentication?  Or cut from their config file those sections needed for the 
authentication?  Actually, if anyone is willing to share a config file that 
is setup with a more secure type of authentication  that would be great  

(Thinking of switching to Cyrus - have any of you jump off of Cyrus to use 
Dovecot -- why??)

Lee D

Fedora Core 4 with SE on
SendMail  8.13.4
SpamAssassign 3.03
MailScanner 1.1-4
ClamAV .87
Webmin 1.250
Webmin Dovecot Module - not sure only one out there

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