[Dovecot] 1.0alpha5 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 11 00:36:38 EET 2005

We have now some new big features:

 - Beginnings of dbox mailbox format. It should work, but if you happen
to delete/break index files, the mails aren't found again. So really not
a good idea to use it for more than testing.

 - GSSAPI (Kerberos 5) support by Jelmer Vernooij with some fixes by
pod at herald.ox.ac.uk

 - Added dictionary API to Dovecot, similar to what Postfix has. It can
be used for getting/setting key=value pairs, which can be useful for
many different purposes. For example it could be used to store mailbox
metadata for ANNOTATEMORE extension. Implemented SQL backend for it. In
future there should be berkeley DB backend at least.

Also there could be some kind of proxy backend which would use UNIX
socket to connect to dictionary server doing the actual work. This way
each imap/lda process wouldn't have to connect to SQL server themself.

 - Quota plugin is now included. We also have now dictionary based quota
support, which means the quota limits and values can be stored in SQL.
However I haven't actually tested these changes yet, so there's a good
chance the quota plugin doesn't actually work at all.

 - Created a new trash plugin which works only together with quota
plugin. The point of it is to expunge mails from a list of configurable
mailboxes whenever saving new mails would cause the account to go over
quota. The oldest mails are expunged first, and only as many mails are
expunged as is needed to save the new mail.

For configuration it first looks up for ~/.dovecot.trash.conf, and then
fallbacks to /etc/dovecot-trash.conf. The file format is 
"<priority> <mailbox name>". It's possible to have multiple mailboxes
with same priority. Lower number = higher priority. This plugin is also
currently untested.

The plugins are currently installed as shared libraries to plugin
directory. At some point I'll add a configure option to select which
plugins to compile directly into binaries. Possibly even do it by
default for some plugins (quota).

And smaller new features:

 - If LDAP lookup fails because connection gets closed, try retrying it
again after reconnect. This is however untested, hopefully didn't break
LDAP code completely..

 - %w variable in dovecot-auth contains password. Can be used to do eg.:
password_query = select null as password from users where userid = '%u'
and password = password('%w')

 - syslog_facility setting

And fixes:

 - auth_cache was quite broken
 - adding keywords caused sometimes assert-crash
 - If login_greeting_capability = yes we could have sent the capability
before dovecot-auth returned what auth mechanisms were available,
forcing clients to use plaintext authentication
 - Lots of mbox fixes again..
 - userdb prefetch wasn't supposed to be uncommented in
dovecot-example.conf in alpha4. Comment it out if you don't need it.
 - Don't crash with "out of memory" in 64bit systems
 - IDLE command might have crashed when finishing itself if there were
lots of external changes
 - pop3_reuse_xuidl setting wasn't actually working

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