[Dovecot] Controlling Dovecot with Webmin

/dev/rob0 rob0 at gmx.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 20:11:47 EET 2005

On Thursday 2005-December-08 11:43, Lee MSN wrote:
> I have just setup a Fedora 4SE server, with Webmin - latest
> production release and Dovecot .99.14.
> I am new to setting up linux servers like this.

Then I would suggest that you spend some time to become familiar with 
your OS. I don't use Fedora but I can point you in the right direction 
for getting a service to start: "man service". See also "man chkconfig" 
for how to make it happen automagically.

Fedora probably provides pointy-clicky GUI interfaces to all of this. 
That's why your question probably belongs on a Fedora user forum.
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